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1064 restaurants online
About RestoBookings

RestoBookings is Belgian's most popular website for making online restaurant reservations.

The website provides a fast, efficient way to find available tables that meet desired criteria for cuisine, price and location at a specified time. Reservations are free and can be made around the clock. Search results reflect, "real-time" availability, managed by the restaurant owner himself.

The unique selection of restaurants in the major cities as well as the small regional destinations - combined with multilingual restaurant information, offers visitors the opportunity to make the best choice to fit their specific requirements. RestoBookings also gives visitors the opportunity to share their dining experience with other visitors through various channels of the social media.

RestoBookings does not only offer a communication platform to restaurant owners but also provides the tools to optimize their reservation and client management.

RestoBookings works with many distribution partners, including,,, and several official tourist websites.

RestoBookings sprl/bvba is a Belgian company located at Lozenberg 11, 1932 Zaventem.