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Frequently Asked Questions
1. How to book a table?

RestoBookings is a free service for booking restaurants online. When booking through our site, you will be reassured that your table will be available. This reservation consists of 3 steps:

Step 1. Available hours: To book your table online, it suffices to choose the date, the hour and the amount of persons through the reservation module on the detailed page of the restaurant.

Step 2.
Input of your data: A short overview of your reservation is reproduced. Complete the fields (last name, first name, company, phone, email) to register your reservation. In the field “Comment” you can state a specific request (event, birthday, preference for a certain table, inside or on the terrace, …). Click on “Book” when these fields are filled in to confirm your reservation.

Step 3.
Confirmation of your reservation: Your reservation is registered and the restaurant is notified. You will immediately receive a confirmation of your reservation via email, containing a reservation number and a link to cancel your reservation if necessary. You are not obliged to print this confirmation email, it suffices to just mention your name when arriving at the restaurant and mentioning that you booked through RestoBookings.

2. Is my reservation definite?

Each reservation made through RestoBookings is definite and binding. Once you made a reservation, you will immediately receive a confirmation email.

3.I have received the confirmation of my reservation online through the reservation module, but I did not receive a confirmation email, is my reservation still registered?

Email traffic via internet is never 100% reliable, as such it might happen that you have not received the email sent by us. This of course has absolutely nothing to do with the reliability of our system.
Please contact us on the number +32 (0)2 702 10 77 (during office hours) or via email ( if you have any problem receiving the confirmation email.

4. How can I cancel my reservation?
If you do not receive any confirmation by e-mail you can contact via e-mail ( or by telephone (+32 2 702 10 77). You must state the following information so that service can be provided to you quickly:
Name of the restaurant that you have reserved
Name of the person for whom the reservation has been made
Reservation date
5. I have canceled my reservation by phone at the restaurant itself. Does this suffice?
Yes. However, we advise you to cancel through RestoBookings as it is simple, fast and free of charge.
6. How can I change my reservation?
In case you would like to change your reservation, you first need to cancel your old reservation through the section “My reservation”. Afterwards, you are able to make a new reservation
7. Is your service free?
RestoBookings is a completely free online service to ease your reservations.
8. Where can I find the contact details of the restaurant?
You will find the address on the detailed page of the restaurant. The confirmation email of your reservation will contain the restaurant’s phone number.
9. I do not want to forget the reservation I made?
When you have made a reservation, you are able to add your reservation to your Outlook calendar by clicking the link "Add this reservation to my Outlook calendar". Furthermore you will receive an email with subject "Reminder reservation" the day before your reservation in which all information is mentioned again.
10. How do I write a comment about a certain restaurant?
The only way to write a comment about a restaurant is to have booked it through RestoBookings, excluding thus all fictive critics for a restaurant.
The day after your reservation, you will receive an email with subject "Your opinion is valued!". This email will refer you to the detailed page of the restaurant where you will quote (/10) the quality, service, atmosphere and kitchen. In the field "Your opinion" you can share your comments. You will sign with your first name, age and city. If in any case you have taken pictures related to the restaurant, namely the interior or the dishes, you can always add them.
Once sent, your opinion will be published within five days.
Warning: it is important to comply with some rules if you would like your comment to be published: please do not use abbreviations or capitals, exclamations marks and monitor your orthography. Try to be as objective as possible, to nuance and justify your opinion and to be friendly, sympathetic and constructive.
11.Where can I find the comments about the restaurants?
On every detailed page of a restaurant you can view other’s opinions through the section "Comments".
12. Why was my comment not published on RestoBookings?
Comments are bound by approval. RestoBookings maintains the right to not publish them if they deviate from the philosophy of the website.
Examples: :
- Missing information
- Bad comment without justification
- An unusable text
- Racist text
13. What is the goal of this poll for satisfaction?
To exchange impressions and good addresses between different internet surfers
14. I have received this opinion mail in another language than my own?
You will receive this email in the language in which you made your reservation. If you would like to change the language you can make use of the links (NL-FR-ENG) on top of the page.
15. There can be different causes:?
- You have not made an online reservation through RestoBookings
- You filled in your email address incorrectly during your reservation
- Your mailbox is full

If you did not receive the opinion mail, please do not hesitate to contact the RestoBookings team. We will gladly resend you this email. If you have not received the confirmation email, please refer to question 3.

16. Is there a deadline to send my comment?
17. Is the restaurant notified when I comment on them and can it answer me?

Your comment is immediately sent to RestoBookings. The restaurant owner is not notified when comments are published, he can online read them online.

18. I do not want to receive the opinion email anymore?

Please click "If you do not wish to receive this email anymore, click here." You will be immediately unsubscribed from our list.

19. I am a restaurant owner and I would like to receive some more information concerning RestoBookings?

To learn more about RestoBookings we invite you to read the section “Restaurant owners”. If you are interested and would like so more information, please do not hesitate to contact the RestoBookings team. Our representatives will gladly inform you about our product

20. Who can I contact concerning complaints about a certain restaurant?

If in any case you have a complaint or a suggestion concerning a certain restaurant, please contact the RestoBookings team. Mention the name of the restaurant, the date of your visit and, if possible, your reservation number. All complaints are handled in a detailed and objective way.

21. How can I pass on suggestions concerning the website?

Please send us your remarks/suggestions by clicking here. All of your suggestions will be handled in a detailed and objective way.