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1. Objectives of personal data processing
RestoBookings only collects the personal information that you send to us, such as: forenames, surname, postal and e-mail addresses.

This information is collected solely using electronic forms that you are invited to complete when, for example:
- you subscribe to a newsletter,
- you request information,
- you take part in a survey or a competition,
- you use a service offered by our website.

The information communicated via these forms is kept in the files of RestoBookings. It is used to provide you with the service or the information requested, and to inform you of other products, services and promotions of RestoBookings and of its partners.

With your prior authorisation we will send you sales information related to new products or promotions. You will have the option of informing us should you no longer wish to receive such messages.

For all personal information sent by e-mail or by any other methods you accept that RestoBookings collects, keeps and/or uses this information for the purposes stated above.
2. Persons who have access to the personal information collected
Your information is kept in the databases of RestoBookings.

RestoBookings makes use of other companies to perform certain tasks (e.g., technical maintenance of our websites, assistance during promotional campaigns, etc.).

These companies only have temporary access to your personal information and only to the extent essential for the exercise of their functions.

They can only and exclusively export your information for the exercise of their respective functions and cannot use it for any other purpose under any circumstances.

RestoBookings reserves the right to use your personal information or to make it public if:
- required by law,
- required to safeguard the integrity of the website,
- you request this,
- a request for cooperation is made in the course of a police or judicial investigation.

3. . Your rights regarding the personal information collected by us
In accordance with the law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy, as amended by the law of 11 December 1998 concerning the processing of personal information, you have the right to access your information and have the right to amend it, as stated below, as well as the right to consult the Register of the Commission on the protection of privacy.

If your personal information is to be modified we request that you inform us by post at the contact address. Depending on the contents of your request we will amend your information as quickly as possible.

Should you wish to consult your personal information, wish the personal information to be deleted from our file or oppose the use of your personal data, you can inform us by post at the contact address.

4. . Use of Cookies by RestoBookings
Our cookies facilitate your use of our website considerably.

RestoBookings uses them solely to make your online experience more user-friendly.

We can use them to personalise your settings or to keep you up to date with the results of any competitions that you have entered.

If you do not wish to receive cookies by modifying your browser settings, it is possible that some parts of the website will no longer be accessible to you.